Who We Are

Engage. Enrich. Empower. It’s what we do.

Our History

Some years ago, we noticed a gradual change in the learning ecosystem. Technology has opened doors to increase access to training and to improve learning experiences. Also, visual and user experience design have emerged as essential partners to instructional design. However, we also noticed a general gap in the skills needed to deploy these assets and move online training from just dull text on the screen to dynamic and interactive experiences. So we put together a team of world-class talent in writing, instructional design, technology, and visual design to address the issue. The magic happens when our unique blend of skills and experience joins our shared drive for making every project the best we’ve ever done.

Our Mission

We aim to improve the training landscape by crafting relevant and enduring (sticky) learning experiences that personally engage learners. We employ our creativity to develop dynamic training that simulates real-world scenarios. As a result, learners elevate their knowledge, skills, and confidence to think and act differently.

Our Values

We are lifelong learners with a passion for sharing knowledge. As such, we believe that learning needs to be relevant, personal, and engaging. With this in mind, we use innovative ways to engage learners that build lasting knowledge and inspire action.

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Our Approach

From the outset, we bring together team members with the skills needed to develop a solution that integrates the best ideas to implement your training vision.

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Our Methodology

We have the unique skill set to join your content with innovative instructional ideas and inspired visual design to achieve truly exceptional outcomes.

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